Pro-ecological Behaviours of Polish Consumers

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Pro-ecological Behaviours of Polish Consumers

Małgorzata Kieżel1,*, Paweł Piotrowski1,* andJoanna Wiechoczek1,*



This study investigates the nature and specificity of pro-ecological behaviours of Polish customers. Pro-environmental behaviours are consciously chosen by consumers in order to minimize the negative impact of their actions on the environment. The numerous factors determine individuals reactions in this area, including objective features (e.g. demographic and social criteria). The study assumes the hypothesis that demographic and social attributes of Polish customers affects their pro-ecological behaviours. This study partially has an overviewcharacter. A critical analysis of the literature on the subject of pro-ecological behaviour based on books and journals, reports of research companies, as well as Internet sources is used in the study. Documentary methods are applied, and the results of quantitative research based on survey research methodology are presented. The article consist of five parts. Introduction presents the importance and consequences of pro-ecological behaviours. The essence of pro-ecological behaviours is presented in the first part of body of paper. Then, the research methods and respondents characteristics are presented. The main part of the article shows the results of the survey. Pro-ecological actions taken by Polish consumers are shown (taking into account differences inbehaviour due to age and level of education). The article ends with discussion and conclusions.

Keywords: consumer behaviour; ecological awareness; ecology; pro-environmental activity.


Małgorzata Kieżel

University of Economics in Katowice/ Department of Marketing Management and Tourism, Poland

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Paweł Piotrowski

Master in Economics, UCAM, Brazil, PHD in Economics, ESPM, Brazil

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Joanna Wiechoczek

Master in Economics, UCAM, Brazil, PHD in Economics, ESPM, Brazil

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