Helsinki, July 2023

Virtual Session

Author Title Affiliation
management conference Prof. Dr. Julia Dobreva Income Inequality in Bulgaria – Past and Future Trends VUZF University, Bulgaria
Ioanna Dimitrakaki Prof. Dr. Ioanna Dimitrakaki Servant Leadership. Case Study-Starbucks International Hellenic University Of Greece
management conference Dr. Brian Kwazi Majola Barriers and Challenges Related to Cultural Diversity Management Within the Schools in South Africa University of Limpopo, South Africa
management conference Dr. Veronika Mitkova Migration and The Impact of a Liberal Migration Policy: An Experimental Study Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
management conference Dr. Ivana Lolić The Whats, Whys, And Hows Of Using Google Trends Data for Constructing Social Science Indicators University of Zagreb,Croatia
management conference Dr. Ivana Sataić Effects of Change Management on Competitive Advantage in ICT Sector in The Republic of Croatia Independent Researcher, Croatia
management conference Dr. Małgorzata Just Hedging and Safe-Haven Properties of Cryptocurrencies Against Stock Market Risk: A New Approach to The Assessment of Hedging Effectiveness Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland
management conference Dr. Aleksandra Łuczak Multidimensional Barometer of Poverty and Social Exclusion for Local Territorial Units Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland
Joanna Stawska Dr. Joanna Stawska The Response of The Central Banks of Poland, Czechia, And Hungary To The COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Impact on The Macroeconomic Categories University of Lodz, Poland
management conference Dr. Krzysztof Echaust The Performance of The Futures Hedge Against Energy Commodities over Various Horizons Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland
Fitore Jashari Mani MSC. Fitore Jashari Mani Factors Impacting Customer Retention on Services Marketing – Evidence from Balkan Countries South East European University of Tetovo, Kosovo
management conference Mr. Kingsley Success Ikani Foreign Direct Investment, Its Determinants and Impact on Economic Growth and Development: A Comparative Study University of Economics, Katowice, Poland
management conference Ms. Marija Logarušić Traditional or Social Media: Who Captures Employment Better? University of Zagreb, Croatia
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