Vienna, Dec 2019

Conference History

On the 3rd-5th of December 2019, we hosted the 2nd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Economics (ICRBME) in Vienna, Austria – one of Europe’s major economic and cultural hubs.

ICRBME 2019 was attended by scholars, researchers, graduate and post-graduate students, educators, and representatives of non- and for-profit organizations from such countries as Germany, Lithuania, Brazil, Greece, Romania, Poland, Nigeria, Taiwan, Gambia, India, Macedonia, Philippines, Czech Republic, and others. Each participant brought their unique experience and background, which was evident in the quality of research presented and the level of engagement of the discussions that followed.

Here are just a few examples of research that was presented at the event:

  • Changes in employment based on the education criterion in the EU
  • Evolution of Bollywood
  • The impact of business environment on the survival of small scale businesses
  • How uncertainty and mistrust can affect transaction costs in Project Finance Agreements


The attendees left the event with a rounded experience, which was based both on the learning outcomes of ICRBME and its social event – a free guided tour of Vienna. The city has much to offer to its visitors – numerous museums, stunning palaces and parks, delicious cuisine, and rich history.

The 7th installment of the event will continue to push the standards of quality even higher. Whether you submit your research to be presented at the event or join as an attendee, make sure to check out the list of important dates and mark them on your calendar.